Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ways to make money - Part 1

With Michigan having such an awful economy and so many people I know and love losing their jobs, I thought it might be a good idea to share some ways to make money. This will involve several different avenues that will hopefully fit most people, situations and personalities. I'm going to break it up in a series so be on the look out for upcoming posts.

I'd like to start by highlighting some places online where you can make small amounts of money or earn gift cards as payment.

-Last night I spent some time going through my huge pile of books I've been trying to unload. I went to this site and entered each ISBN # to see if they would like to buy any of them. I had a lot of books and some were pretty new. But I sold less than 10. The good news is that I did it in my pajamas sitting on my bed watching TV and I still made $6. They give you a 3% bonus if you allow them to pay you through paypal. So today I get to print off the FREE shipping label and take them in to the post office or Fed Ex shop. It didn't cost me anything but some time watching TV.

-This is a slow coming check that really doesn't take much of my time. First you have to register with the site and give them your e-mail address (I suggest setting up a special one just for things like these so your personal one doesn't get clogged). Once you're set up they'll start sending you e-mails to look at certain product webpages or take a survey. All you have to do is make sure you hit the button that says confirm this paid e-mail message or one that's similar. You will get a $5 sign on bonus but you must reach $30 before you can get paid. This one will take time to get the paycheck but you'll still get a check at some point.

-This one is exactly the same as You'll even get the same e-mails but you're making money off a different company. Their websites are almost identical. And it still takes a $30 credit in your account before you can get paid.

-I'm just starting this one so we'll learn together. The basics are this: You sign up to receive e-mails to take surveys. You get paid in Market Points to take them (if you qualify) and when you reach 1,000 you can redeem them for cash. This is an international company so the market points works better across the board for them. Each market point is worth roughly a nickel. So again, it will take some time to get the check but you can do it while watching TV.

-Another e-mail survey company. This one gives you points per survey that you can redeem for things like cash or merchandise. It takes at least 1000 points to be able to redeem anything.

-E-mail surveys once again. They also go by points. I think they may take even longer to get a check but if you're sitting at home doing nothing I suppose it ain't going to hurt you.

-You can earn swag bucks through this site when you use their search engine, shop online through their site, recycle old electronics like cell phons and mps players, invite your friends to join, interact on their facebook page, submit a polling idea or comment on their blog. This bucks can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise. I just looked at their redeeming bucks page and you can get a $10 gift card to Barne's n' Noble for 115 swag bucks. There's potential in this one.

-I signed up for this one last night and I'm still working on getting the maximum first payout. They have a great little video tutorial that explains everything. But beware of the offers that want you to "complete two or more offers..." I wouldn't waste my time on those. Just look for ones that will be completely free. You get a certain amount of money for doing surveys and the like. Once you have $20 in your account they will cut you a check.

- I have been a long time fan of mypoints. Here's the skinny on this one. You sign up for free and give them your e-mail. They will send you e-mails asking you to look at a certain website. If you click on the button that says "get points" you gain 5 mypoints. They send a bunch of these e-mails so it'll happen faster than you think. You can also get points for shopping online through their site, referring friends and doing profile surveys about yourself. Checking the website regularly is good idea also because they sometimes have ways to earn extra points by doing mini surveys on the right side of the screen. It will say "Tell us & earn points". I never do offers that require me to spend money unless I was already going to spend it on that site. I like to order my printer ink through them, make travel plans through them and get coupons as well. All of which get me points. Once you reach 1,500 points you can redeem them for a $10 gift card to places like Subway, BP or even Old Navy. I've gotten so many gifts by using this site. Most of my family and some of my friends have benefitted.

- This one is also new for me. It is another survey company that pays you $3 per survey. To my understanding your account gets linked with your paypal account so you see the money faster since they pay you per survey. I'm excited to try this one. It may not be much but I like the idea of quickness.

So there's 10 online sources to get you started. I will also be addressing work at home options as well as places to make an extra buck around Grand Rapids.


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