Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FREE Roastburger at Arby's

I stopped in to the Arby's on Leonard st. the other day and saw a huge poster by their cashiers saying that they are offering FREE items on Wednesdays from May until August. We all saw last week that they started with a Fruitea. They have it swapping every week. One will be a drink of some sort and the next will be a sandwich. This week it's get a FREE roastburger when you buy any size drink. When I asked about it at the counter they never indicated that you needed a coupon of any kind. But they handed me a flier that told me what the entire month of May will be. On that little flier it says that a coupon is required and my e-mail that I got from them also said that. So here's my suggestion:

1. Stop in and ask if they have a flier you can keep or directly ask if you need a coupon.
2. If that doesn't work try to sign up for the e-mail list at Arby's and you should start getting the same e-mails I get that you can print off and use as a coupon.

Just an FYI...Last week started the promotion and they advertised it as not needing a coupon so I'm not sure what they'll be doing. I'm also not sure if all Arby's are participating. I'm going to try mine out in Cedar Springs tonight. Wish me luck!

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Luke G said...

Just got back from the Leonard St. NE location.
No coupon required. Free Roastburger with a 1.49 small drink.

I thought this would have been limited to one per customer/family but, as evidenced by the family of seven in front of me, not so.

They all got small drinks and roastburgers Total bill was $9-something. Quite a deal.