Friday, October 12, 2007

My latest cheap date

So my husband and I took some time on a Wednesday night this week to have a date and it was a cheapie! Which, of course, is my favorite. So I thought I'd share with you how to get the same deal. First: I had signed up at Red Robin (in front of the Woodland Mall) to be in their "club". Because of this they sent me a $3 off coupon for my next meal within two weeks and they also sent me a coupon for a free burger of my choice since it was my birthday. So we decided to head out there. I got a great chicken sandwich (which counted as my burger) and that came with endless fries. All of which was free. I had a water with lemon that didn't cost me a thing. Then my hubby got a burger with endless fries and we paid $6 for that. Then because of my birthday, which was far past, they gave me an ice cream sundae on the house. So the hubby and I split it. With tip we spent $10 there. Red Robin is right next to the Celebration Cinema that has $3.50 shows all the time. So we paid $7 there and each got a handful of .25 snacks from the machines. Making our date come out to $17.50 for dinner and a movie. The best part about that was when I went and got our tickets I got other great deals for later. They had coupons sitting out for a FREE 1/2 hour soak at Oasis hot tubs. The lady gladly gave me three. So my hubby and I have a FREE date for the next 3 weeks! I also signed up to get one of their cards that gives me points every time I see a movie there. So I promptly swiped it as I purchased my tickets and began wracking up the points. All in all I'd say that was one great frugal night!


rjmiles said...

You guys are beautiful!

This is a great story, great ideas, thanks Tanya!

jessfrymire said...

I found you, only took a couple of tries! Very nice date night!! I always forget about the cheap seats, sooo very glad they are back. I remember when there were cheap seats at North Kent, then we had a friend that was a projectionist and we eventually got in free after hours. Aaaaahh the good ol' days.