Thursday, January 24, 2008

Report card rewards

Report cards are coming soon or have already arrived and why not treat your kids for doing so well this past year. Here's some local ways to get some free things just for being a good student:

1. Chuck E. Cheese - You can receive 3 tokens for every A, 2 for every B and 1 for every C. But only up to 15 tokens total. They also have a great program called Rewards Calendars. You can print them off and turn them in completed to receive 10 tokens. They also have great coupons online so check them out.

2. Blockbuster - For students in K-8th grade you can bring in an A or B average report card to get a free rental.

3. Fazoli's - For students in K-6th grade that have perfect attendance you can receive a gift certificate for a free kids meal as long as one adult entree is purchased.

4. Limited Too - Good grades gets you $5 in their store!

5. Krispy Kreme - You can get a donut for every A! You'll rot your teeth with an oh so sweet treat!

6. Topps Trading cards - You can get a Topps trading card gift at these locations; Lou Brown Cards on Lk. Eastbrook (940-4181); Legends Sports & Games on 28th st. (940-1676); All star sports card on 28th st. (247-1330)

I've also heard that Dairy Queen, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-a and Wendy's has programs also but since I couldn't find too much info. I thought I'd leave to you to make the call and see if it's true. It's best to call your local store for any of these promotions anyways because they may be franchised and decide not to carry this program.

Be on the look out for my future blog about birthday freebies!


Anonymous said...

What great stuff! Amazing how you find all of this.

Sarah's Deals said...

Just wanted to let you know that the Blockbuster program has been updated and now goes through 12th grade.